Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Friends I Gained In Hong Kong From 1992 - 1993 Ca

Caalim Rowena
Cabacungan Mercedita
Caballero Edith
Cabansag Miriam
Cabansag Susan

Cabaya Maribel
Cabic Maribel
Cabic Marta
Cabillete Fe
Cabinta Evangeline

Cabradilla Cynthia
Cabrillos Pacilia
Cabugao Editha
Cabulisan Rosemarie
Caburao Margaret

Cac Marcy
Cacatian Luzviminda
Cachero Imelda
Cacho Agnes
Cacho Alicia

Cacho-Gamalog Cris
Cada Crizeldy
Cadano Mary Ann
Cadoog Grace
Cagape Agustina

Cajalne Arlene
Cajimat Gilda
Cajipe Salvacion
Cajulao Erlinda
Calado Gloria

Calamaza Clarita
Calang Daisy
Calanog Marina
Caldeo Delma
Calibuso Gemma

Calica Josie
Calim Shirley
Calinao Marilou
Calixto Carmelita
Callagon Ma. Lea

Callagon Ma. Leni
Callejo Clarita
Calma Mila
Calo Thelma
Calonge Mercy

Camacho Carol
Camacho Cornelia
Camagan Remegia
Camello Thelma
Campanano Hermelina

Campo Luz Del
Campomanes Analisa
Canapi Leonel
Canimo Candelaria
Canlas Alice

Canonizado Mary Ann
Cansicio Gloria
Cantos Leonora
Capilitan Lornet
Capindian Irma

Capito Joy
Capistrano Pacita
Capua Wilma
Cara Luzviminda
Caraang Milagros

Carbonelle Maribelle
Cariaga Celerina
Cariaga Priscilla
Carilllo Dorothy
Carino Lilibeth

Carino Rosalinda
Carpio Rosalina
Carreon Marcelina
Carritero Christina
Casco Lolita

Casillia Lilia
Casillia Roma
Casima Patsy
Casio Ma. Lisa
Castillo Emelia

Castillo Jocelyn
Castillo Susana
Castillo Virginia
Castillo Zenaida
Castillon Leonor

Castro Evangeline
Castro Sylvi
Castro Lodevina De
Casuga Elvira
Catalino Rowena

Cate Marina
Cauan Noimi
Cauilan Juliet
Cauyao Lualhati
Caviente Janeth

Cawagdan Estrella
Cawayan Dionisia
Cayaban Elydia
Cayabyab Lidia
Cayanan Victoria

Cayao Josephine
Cayda Judith
Cayong Alma Bella


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