Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Friends I Gained In Hong Kong From 1992 - 1993 Ce - Cu

Ceballos Josephine
Cenizal Sally
Cepada Tessie
Cepillo Tita
Cerbo Ana May

Cerna Dina Dela
Chan Jane
Chavez Elisa
Cheng Corazon
Cheng Rachel

Chua Susan
Chuaco Teresita
Cital Gina
Cidro Emily
Cimatu Jerlyn

Clamar Lilia
Clave Pinky
Clemente Lorna
Clemente Rufina
Clementin Corazon

Codo-og Grace
Coja Redelyn
Colas Edith
Colisa Bernadette
Collado Ma. Lourdes

Collantes Perlita
Columna Jonelle
Combite Concepcion
Comia Helen
Comia Shirley

Concio Ma. Violeta
Constantino Daisy
Constantino Rose
Constantino Susan
Contaoi Leonora

Contrillas Rosie
Cordero Rebecca
Cornelio Caroline
Cornelio Cecilia
Cornelio Juliet

Corpuz Editha
Corpuz Fely
Corpuz Gloria
Corpuz Jocelyn
Corpuz Melita

Corpuz Milagros
Corpuz Perlita
Corpuz Socorro
Corsiga Cecilia
Cortel Diana

Cortez Anita
Cortez Filipina
Cortez Florenda
Cortez Juliet
Costales Leny

Costales Mallory
Costales Minda
Credo Angelina
Credo Margarita
Crisostomo Nelda

Cristobal Analyn
Cruta Tessie
Cruz Annalyn
Cruz Erma
Cruz Agnes dela

Cruz Elsa dela
Cruz Fely dela
Cruz Grace dela
Cruz Jennylyn dela
Cruz Luz dela

Cruz Magdalena dela
Cruz Marcelina dela
Cruz Marissa dela
Cruz Mildred dela
Cruz Myrna dela

Cruz Noralyn dela
Cruz Precy dela
Cruz Rosenda dela
Cuaresma Leonila
Cubita Maryjean

Cubon Marilou
Cuenca Ligaya
Cueva Marlyn dela
Cuevas Charlotte
Cuison Marivic

Culannay Jocelyn
Cunag Maritess
Cuntapay Lornaliza
Cupido Christine
Cusapang Myrna


Friends I Gained In Hong Kong From 1992 - 1993 Ca

Caalim Rowena
Cabacungan Mercedita
Caballero Edith
Cabansag Miriam
Cabansag Susan

Cabaya Maribel
Cabic Maribel
Cabic Marta
Cabillete Fe
Cabinta Evangeline

Cabradilla Cynthia
Cabrillos Pacilia
Cabugao Editha
Cabulisan Rosemarie
Caburao Margaret

Cac Marcy
Cacatian Luzviminda
Cachero Imelda
Cacho Agnes
Cacho Alicia

Cacho-Gamalog Cris
Cada Crizeldy
Cadano Mary Ann
Cadoog Grace
Cagape Agustina

Cajalne Arlene
Cajimat Gilda
Cajipe Salvacion
Cajulao Erlinda
Calado Gloria

Calamaza Clarita
Calang Daisy
Calanog Marina
Caldeo Delma
Calibuso Gemma

Calica Josie
Calim Shirley
Calinao Marilou
Calixto Carmelita
Callagon Ma. Lea

Callagon Ma. Leni
Callejo Clarita
Calma Mila
Calo Thelma
Calonge Mercy

Camacho Carol
Camacho Cornelia
Camagan Remegia
Camello Thelma
Campanano Hermelina

Campo Luz Del
Campomanes Analisa
Canapi Leonel
Canimo Candelaria
Canlas Alice

Canonizado Mary Ann
Cansicio Gloria
Cantos Leonora
Capilitan Lornet
Capindian Irma

Capito Joy
Capistrano Pacita
Capua Wilma
Cara Luzviminda
Caraang Milagros

Carbonelle Maribelle
Cariaga Celerina
Cariaga Priscilla
Carilllo Dorothy
Carino Lilibeth

Carino Rosalinda
Carpio Rosalina
Carreon Marcelina
Carritero Christina
Casco Lolita

Casillia Lilia
Casillia Roma
Casima Patsy
Casio Ma. Lisa
Castillo Emelia

Castillo Jocelyn
Castillo Susana
Castillo Virginia
Castillo Zenaida
Castillon Leonor

Castro Evangeline
Castro Sylvi
Castro Lodevina De
Casuga Elvira
Catalino Rowena

Cate Marina
Cauan Noimi
Cauilan Juliet
Cauyao Lualhati
Caviente Janeth

Cawagdan Estrella
Cawayan Dionisia
Cayaban Elydia
Cayabyab Lidia
Cayanan Victoria

Cayao Josephine
Cayda Judith
Cayong Alma Bella


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Amazon's Author Rank Tool

If you have an Amazon Author Central account, then you will notice that a new tab has been introduced recently - the Rank tab (as seen in the image below).

This is the new tool on Author Central called Author Rank. To quote Amazon, "Author Rank is based on the sales of all of your books on and is updated hourly."

So how does this tool work?

Well, it automatically lists all the categories of the books you've published on Amazon in the left side bar. (These categories were the ones you set when you first published your book.) I've classified some of my books as Fiction, others as Romance, and still others fall under Historical. So my left side bar looks something like the image below.

If you are an author who writes about a lot of different topics, I would imagine your list to be longer. And note that you have to indicate the books you authored under the Books tab. Otherwise, the sales data about that book won't be factored in your author ranking.

You can then use these categories as filters and sub-filters to generate a graph that looks like the one below.

The graph indicates your current ranking out of a total number of authors. Are there really 500,000 listed authors on Amazon? I don't know. And right now, I'm ranked between 100,000 and 200,000. I must admit, I haven't reached the status of John Grisham or J R R Tolkien yet. But one can always aspire.

Is the tool useful? I guess, from a motivational perspective, it is important to try to at least get into the top 100 list - for further exposure perhaps. I always read from the comments of other authors on Amazon that it is important to stay in the Top 100 list of Authors since some readers will base their purchasing decision on books from the authors in the top of the list. This is pretty difficult goal if your level of book sales have not yet reached the level of sales of those authors already on the list.

Still, thank you to all who have purchased or downloaded copies of Cambodia's Children of Sorrow, The Last Romanov, and  Windflowers. I hope you all enjoyed reading these books. Try my other books too.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Apple's Book Widget Builder

Below are a couple of sample book widgets built using Apple's Widget builder. You can access it through this link It is very easy to use. Just search for the book you want to create a widget for, and then copy the code below HTML-Encoded Output:

You can then easily paste the code on your blog and if your readers click on the View button, they will be redirected to Apple's iTunes webpage where the reader can purchase the book via Apple.


This widget also gives ebook authors an advantage in that whenever they decide to change the book cover or book description or blurb, or even the book's price, the widget code no longer needs to be edited. So this widget could exist on multiple sites or blogs, but editing is done from a single source, (Apple of Smashwords), and all the sites can be updated.

The widget also increases credibility and authenticity. The user is given an assurance that the link she is about to click on will lead her to Apple's iTunes site and not some other site. Granted, the look and feel of Apple's widget can be duplicated, but if Apple is wise, it would constantly update this widget to improve its authenticity.
Download Link Instructions:
  1. If you purchased an Audio Book or E-book, payment will be made via PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can still sign up for one using your credit card.
  2. Once PayPal verifies payment and payment has cleared, you will be given a link to download the complete Zip file containing all the mp3 chapters (for Audio Books) or link to download the EPUB file (for E-books). You will also be sent an email with this link. Note: The product is available to download for 24 hours only, so make sure you have a reliable Internet connection. File sizes may range from 50 MB to 100 MB for Audio Books. So please make sure you have an suitable mp3 player (like Winamp) and software for opening zip files (like 7-zip). For E-books, make sure you have an EPUB reader (like the Sony's Free E-reader).
  3. If you're using Winamp, please order the mp3 files by filename to ensure that the chapters are played in proper order.
  4. For any questions of inquiries, you may E-mail my son,, or get in touch with me via Facebook