Saturday, May 20, 2017

Peace Time

Aurelio Mercado was one of the individuals who attended the Conference of Industrial Arts Teachers in Baguio City in the last week of April, 1930.
It was summer. He and Francisca just got married on the second Sunday of that month, after the end of classes of the 1929-1930 schoolyear. They were married by the Aglipayan parish priest of San Clemente in the Philippine Independent Church building located in that town. Those who attended were the parents of Aurelio, Policarpio Mercado and Esperanza Marquez-Mercado, his two sisters Dominga and Itang, and his two brothers Angquing and Minoy. They all went to San Clemente riding a calesa, a horse-drawn carriage generally used for public transport in the Philippines during the American colonial rule. All the family members of Francisca in San Clemente attended the wedding.
The American colonial rule of the Philippine Islands which was from the end of all hostilities in 1907 of the Philippine-American War up to the Japanese invasion of the Philippines in December 1941 was generally called Peace Time by most Filipinos.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

I Grieve For You My Brother Jonathan

“Why have Jews suffered so much? The Romans destroyed our homeland and dragged our forefathers to the territories of the Roman Empire as their slaves. We have suffered inquisitions, holocausts, famine, discrimination, and wars like no other people in history. Are the Jews under the curse of Yahweh?” Asher Levinson asked his commanding officer, Captain Yosef Aksen.
Asher Levinson was one of the soldiers in the 15-member artillery unit of Haganah, one of the four Jewish militias fighting for a Jewish homeland in Palestine. He was one of the five wounded in the first of the two raids undertaken by well-armed Palestinian Arabs against their unit. Three of the five wounded militiamen were confined in the clinics in Tel Aviv because they had to be operated on. Asher, and another militiaman named Nathan Hur, had to stay in the Kibbutz called Galuyot to defend it from further Arab attacks...

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Friday, May 12, 2017

All Nations Against Jerusalem

After the symposium, the two friends talked to Doctor Ben Gurion and requested for an interview. They wanted to ask her more questions about the Middle East issue. She granted their request. They interviewed her over a cup of coffee at the University of the Philippines’ Bahay ng Alumni (House of the Alumni). They asked her questions such as whether Israel possesses nuclear weapons, whether she agrees to the two-state solution (an Israeli state and a Palestinian state existing together), whether she as an Israeli medical doctor would treat a wounded enemy, and other personal matters.
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Friday, May 5, 2017

A Romance In Pre-War Manila

Doctor Sergio Morales hurriedly walked to the classroom in PGH where he would teach the subject of Dermatology that morning. It was the first day of class in a rainy June month, and he did not want to be late. He hurriedly buttoned his white coat.
“Good morning, Doc!” a nursing student greeted him as he rushed to the classroom.
“Good morning!” Doctor Morales answered the student, too, although he did not really pay any attention to who it was.
He continued walking to his classroom. When he arrived and entered the classroom, all the students in his class were already inside, waiting for him.
“Good morning, Sir!” the students greeted him.
There were thirty-two students in his class, all of which were women. They were all graduating students of the University of the Philippines School of Nursing. The Dermatology class was held in one of the rooms of the Philippine General Hospital building along Governor Taft Avenue in Manila.

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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Land And The Bamboo House

A woman wishes to have a house she can call her own,” Francisca told her husband Aurelio as they walked hand-in-hand in the school yard of the San Manuel Elementary School.
It was early Saturday evening, just after dinner. Aurelio asked his young wife if she wanted to have a stroll in front of the school where he had been teaching for the past five months since they arrived in the town of San Manuel, in the Philippine province of Tarlac. Francisca agreed.

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