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What are the Features of Web Education?

What are the features of Web Education?

  1. Web Education is a very high form of learning. In fact, it is the most unique and revolutionary form of education being made available worldwide today. It requires an independent, self-learning style outside the walls of a classroom. In ICOU, lessons are brought to the students worldwide in an amazing speed through the use of the website, a new feature of HI-TECH COMMUNICATION.
  2. While students study at their own pace and leisure, Web Education does not mean an open-ended schedule for going through the courses. A specific time is required from the students to finish the program.
  3. The Internet/E-mail will provide the avenue for interaction between student and the professor. This means that if the student has questions about the lesson, he/she can e-mail his/her professor for answers.

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What is Web Education?

What is Web Education?
The world is fast changing. Education can no longer be confined in the four walls of the classroom especially with the changing nature and operation of communication technology.

Web Education is characterized by the physical separation of the student from the professor. The lessons are delivered or taught by the professor to his/her students all over the globe in a clear, distinct, and mercurial way through the use of the website.

This means that learning is not under the continuous, immediate supervision of professors present with their students in the classrooms. Interaction between the student and the professor, and vice versa, is done through the Internet/E-mail.

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What is an Open University?

What is an Open University?
An Open University exemplifies a philosophy of open education which differs in degree and dimension from one institution to another.

The philosophy of open education thru high technology of the International Communicators Open University is a continuing, evolving process. The present emphasis of the university is to provide the avenue to HI-TECH quality distance education to its students around the world.

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What are the Specific Objectives of the ICOU?

What are the specific objectives of the ICOU?
  1. To provide its students opportunities for access to alternative higher education by offering through its quality web education.
  2. To develop a system of continuing education to sustain professional growth for students who can not leave their careers, jobs or homes for full-time studies.
  3. To contribute towards the development of education in the Philippines and in the world through its unique HI-TECH quality web education.

What is the Mission of the ICOU?

What is the mission of the ICOU?

The International Communicators Open University envisions to provide wider access to quality higher education to its students anywhere in the world. The Open University will stand and stick to exemplary academic standards and encourage Christian responsibility to God and to humanity among its faculty, staff, and students.

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Why Establish the ICOU?

Why establish the ICOU?
Due to the desire of Christian missionaries, ministers and laymen among Filipinos and other nationalities to pursue higher education without leaving their jobs, Christian alumni from the University of the Philippines under the leadership of Dr. Norberto L. Mercado decided that it was time to reach out and help them achieve their educational goals.

Through its web-based distance education, ICOU will be able to help respond to the demand for higher education by Filipinos and other nationalities anywhere in the world.

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The Founding of ICOU

The Founding of ICOU

It was founded on December 31, 2001 by Bible-believing Christians in a meeting at the Manila Hotel specifically called for such purpose. All founders are from the University of the Philippines (Diliman and Manila). The President is Dr. Norberto L. Mercado, BAJ, BABC, MNSA, DD, and DSM

ICOU was approved as an Open University by the Office of the President of the Philippines, MalacaƱang Palace, Commission on Higher Education (CHED). Its primary purpose is to offer tertiary courses (certificates, diplomas, bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees) in World Missions.

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What is ICOU?

What is the International Communicators Open University?

The International Communicators Open University (ICOU) Foundation Inc. is the first web-based Christian Open University in the Asia-Pacific Region (APR). It is patterned after the University of the Philippines Open University.

It's distinctives are the following:

1. It is a research-focused, on-line based, International Open University for World Missions. Any born-again Christian can enroll and study online wherever country he is residing.
2. It is the only university in the Philippines with a faculty line-up composed only of University of the Philippines graduates. This policy on the choice of faculty members is aimed to give the students the best Christian faculty members available.
3. It is the only university in the world that requires recipients of the Doctor of Strategic Missions (Honoris Causa) to write a dissertation.
4. It is a World Missions school founded with the purpose of evangelizing the whole Philippines with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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ICOU Incorporation Papers

ICOU Incorporation Papers

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