Thursday, October 11, 2012

Amazon's Author Rank Tool

If you have an Amazon Author Central account, then you will notice that a new tab has been introduced recently - the Rank tab (as seen in the image below).

This is the new tool on Author Central called Author Rank. To quote Amazon, "Author Rank is based on the sales of all of your books on and is updated hourly."

So how does this tool work?

Well, it automatically lists all the categories of the books you've published on Amazon in the left side bar. (These categories were the ones you set when you first published your book.) I've classified some of my books as Fiction, others as Romance, and still others fall under Historical. So my left side bar looks something like the image below.

If you are an author who writes about a lot of different topics, I would imagine your list to be longer. And note that you have to indicate the books you authored under the Books tab. Otherwise, the sales data about that book won't be factored in your author ranking.

You can then use these categories as filters and sub-filters to generate a graph that looks like the one below.

The graph indicates your current ranking out of a total number of authors. Are there really 500,000 listed authors on Amazon? I don't know. And right now, I'm ranked between 100,000 and 200,000. I must admit, I haven't reached the status of John Grisham or J R R Tolkien yet. But one can always aspire.

Is the tool useful? I guess, from a motivational perspective, it is important to try to at least get into the top 100 list - for further exposure perhaps. I always read from the comments of other authors on Amazon that it is important to stay in the Top 100 list of Authors since some readers will base their purchasing decision on books from the authors in the top of the list. This is pretty difficult goal if your level of book sales have not yet reached the level of sales of those authors already on the list.

Still, thank you to all who have purchased or downloaded copies of Cambodia's Children of Sorrow, The Last Romanov, and  Windflowers. I hope you all enjoyed reading these books. Try my other books too.

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