Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Flowers of the Grass

The  Flowers of the Grass
(A Poem for June)
I plucked the flowers
of the grass,
gentle and lowly flowers
of the mountainearth,
bright and white
and violet and blue,
and bundled them
with the string of another grass
as I remember you...
These flowers are now
in my hands
in silence,
tiny and beautiful flowers of the cliff,
each one uniquely created
and tended by the dew and
the rain and the sun
and gently caressed
by the wind,
no one on earth takes care
of these lowly flowers of the cliff
except my Heavenly Father,
and they grow and bloom
in beauty and wonder...
In front of this
towering mountain
now half covered by the clouds
of  the vast heaven,
I remember and miss home,
I remember and miss you...
and that is why I plucked
the tender flowers of the grass
in the sight
of this majestic mountain,
the summit of the island of Borneo,
to bring them to you...
Mount Kinabalu
Pekan Nabalu Park
Sabah, East Malaysia
May 4, 2009
10:54 AM

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