Friday, January 11, 2013

Friends I Gained In Hong Kong From 1992 - 1993 Da-Du

Dacanay Clarita
Daches Elma
Dacmeg Nora
Dacumos Rowena
Dacuyan Rhoda

Dagaman Lilian
Dagayloan Eliza
Daguyos Abigail
Dajalos Trinidad
Dajay Evelyn

Dalde Josephine
Daleja Eleanor
Dalere Rhea
Daligdig Aurelia
Dalilis Genoveva

Damanad Monaliza
Damasco Rosemarie
Damayo Napoleon
Danao Rosina
Dancel Renato

Danise Leony
Dano Didith
Daoayan Elvira
Dao-ayan Ernesta
Daquila Cora

Dasig Vilma
Dauan Elvira
Daus Victoria
David Jean
Dawal Leizl

Dawal Monalisa
Daway Susan
Dayag Ofelinda
Dayat Nida
Debuyan Myrna

Degala Sally
Delangosa Virginia
Delit Chona
Demetrio Ruth
Democrito Teresa

Denson Annie
Deofeliz Regina
Desales Milagros
Deslate Steve
Dhillon Ajaib

Diaday Cheryl
Dian Brenda
Dianco Vicky
Diao Sahlee
Diaoan Elizabeth

Diccion Gemma
Dictaan Sinamar
Didal Rosita
Diego Rosita San
Diesta Luisa

Dignadice Benny
Dilan Edwina
Dimaandal Lorie
Dimaano Angelica
Dimaapi Marie

Dinglasan Fhely
Dino Ma. Alma
Dino Eunice
Dinoso Manalyn
Diola Alejandria

Dizon Esmeralda
Dizon Evelyn
Dizon Melba
Dizor Ramona
Doctolero Mary

Dofeliz Nida
Dofeliz Regina
Dollolasa Sheryl
Dolor Nyressa
Domanico Emilia

Domingo Bernadette
Domingo Ferilyn
Domingo Ofelia
Dondonayos Gloria
Doquenia Lerma

Doro Teresa
Dosado Ma. Christina
Drilon Evangeline
Driza Imelda
Ducusin Myrna Ann

Duenes Marilyn
Duero Rebecca
Duldulao Perlita
Dummac Marissa
Dumo Prescila

Dumpit Elisa
Dungca Amelia
Dupaya Emy
Duran Edna
Duran Lidia

Duyag Loreata


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