Sunday, July 8, 2012

Friends I Gained In Hong Kong From 1992 - 1993 Ba

Bacanto Luisa
Bacatan Haidee
Baccol Erlinda
Bactad Ramon
Bactol Lolita

Bacud Gemma
Baculi Ninfa
Badua Ebony
Bagaoisan Elma
Baguistan Marianita

Bajadia Nelia
Bajao Wilma
Baker Letty
Balana Susie
Balance Liwayway

Balanoy Evelyn
Balanza Vilma
Balaoro Nela
Balaque Sonia
Balassu Agnes

Balawag Carolyn
Balbas Lolita
Balbuena Maricris
Balcanao Fortunata
Balderas Julita

Baldove Analyn
Balenas Jelly
Balgos Marietta
Ballan Jovita
Ballio Erlinda

Ballesteros Eden
Baloca Cecilia
Baluan Lilibeth
Banaga Marlene
Banal Paz

Banas-e Yalyn
Bandoy Violeta
Bangsoy Lina
Baoauan Romana
Baoing Elaine

Baptista Celestina
Baptista Delia
Baquiring Gemma
Barahan Catalina
Barbosa Helen

Barcelona Carmen
Bareng Jovita
Barinar Mary Anne
Barlas Zarah
Barlintangco Marites

Barredo Arlyn
Barrientos Narcelita
Barrios Rosalie
Basbasan Margarita
Bascos Zosima

Basit Zeny
Basito Carmen
Batara Jojie
Bautista Angelita
Bautista Consolacion

Bautista Elizabeth
Bautista Gemma
Bautista Imee
Bautista Leticia
Bautista Susan

Bautista Vicky
Bayaborda Jocelyn
Bayan Rowena
Bayangan Gina
Bayas Adelaida

Bayle Modesta
Baylon Joebe
Baylon Senia
Bayona Darlinda
Bayya Remelyn


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