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Chrysanthemum Chapter 1

The taxi driver who was bringing her to the airport was as impatient as she was.

It was a heavy traffic they were in caused by the collision of a cargo truck and a Sarao passenger jeepney at the crossroad of EDSA and Santolan St. 

Michael may have been waiting for her at the airport, she thought. He told her last night that he would just proceed there from his meeting with Col. Jimmy Punzalan at the Civil Relations Service office in Camp Aguinaldo.

Irritantly, she asked the driver why cargo trucks were allowed to ply Santolan road at day time.

“Hindi ko alam. Matagal na po yang mga trucks na iyan. Kahit makikipot na kalye, pumapasok sila,” the driver answered.

“Sa  Hong  Kong  po,  bawal  pumasok  ang  mga cargo trucks sa busy streets,” Chrysanthemum said.

“Dito po sa atin, puwede ang lahat. Kahit mga smoke belching buses, hinahayaan. Nakakainis nga!” the driver remarked.

“Palagay  ko  po  traffic  policy  ang  kulang  natin,”  she said.

“Siguro  nga,”  he  answered,  wondering  what  a  traffic policy was.

The Toyota taxi they were riding in had been stranded at EDSA for more than one hour now. It was 11:45 A.M., and she should check-in at the airport at least an hour before her 1:30 P.M. scheduled flight.

“Bulletin!  Chronicle!  Inquirer!  Bulletin!  Chronicle! Inquirer!” The newsboy approached their taxi.

“Pakisabi po sa boy, Bulletin,” she told the taxi driver.

He  opened  his  window  and  beckoned  the  newsboy  to come.

“Bulletin!” the driver shouted.

She gave the driver a five peso bill. The driver handed it to the newsboy who hurriedly gave back the P2.50 change. Then, he went a way.

“Sukli, Miss,” the driver said as he handed the change to her.

The picture on the front page which caught her attention showed  the  lifeless  body  of  a  Presidential  Security  Group officer slained by members of the Sparrow Unit of the New People's  Army  in  a  busy street in  Pandacan.  The  officer's body sprawled in his car, his head oozing with blood.

The  accompanying story  cited propaganda as  a  major reason for the slaying. It was timed during the visit  of US Vice President Dan Quayle.

The  communists  wanted  to project  strength  to  arrest their decline, and one way to do this was to strike an officer of the Presidential Security Group in broad daylight right in the heart of Metro Manila.

She  turned  to  the editorial  page.  The editorial  condemned the senseless killings in the country, and called for unity  among Filipinos in the  effort  of  preventing  a further escalation of violence.

Just  a few  days  before  the  killing  of  the  PSG  officer, two Americans were killed in Capas, Tarlac by the NPAs.

The  killings  were  also  timed  for  the  visit  of  Quayle. Propaganda  was  the  foremost  objective.  The communists wanted  to  project internationally  their  opposition  to  the existence of the US bases in the Philippines. To dramatize the opposition, they killed two American civilians.

The NPAs promised to kill more Americans if the bases were not dismantled.

Sadness crept in her heart as she thought of the victims, their widows, and their orphans.

The  communist  revolution  had  brought  all  their  sorrows, she thought.

Michael came to her mind again, the only man she had loved.

She silently  prayed  that  God  wouldn't let  it  happen  to him.

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