Tuesday, March 20, 2012

On the Cream-Ladened Sand at Sihanoukville

It is almost evening
as  I sit  on this rattan-made sofa
on this cream-ladened shore
here in Sihanoukville...

I see women frolicking
in the spumy waves
coming from the Gulf of Thailand,
unmindful of the pressures of the day,
enjoying their fun,
as children also play with their dogs
on the sand...

I see many Europeans,
enjoying their holiday
in this tourist spot,
which was once a harrowing labyrinth of death 
under Pol Pot, Heng Samrin, Ieng Sary and Khieu Sampan
and their heartless minions
 three decades past...

But now, as I sit here 
on this cream-colored sand
in this place called Sihanoukville,
as the sun sinks
 in my Heavenly Father's eternal sea,
I see the happy faces
of a new generation ,
Cambodian children playing and laughing,
in a land that is free of mass murder
by their " big brothers"...

And as the day turns
into night,
and candles are lit in the sand , 
and glowing neon lights and electric bulbs
brighten the shore,
and fireworks explode in the dark horizon,
I can feel the soft caress of the sea breeze,
and  hear the song of waves from the gulf,
 which are softly explaining to me  
the deep secrets of the sea...

And I praise God my Heavenly Father
for all these things...

Norberto  L.  Mercado
Romantic Poets Society
Serendipity Beach, Sihanoukville
Royal Kingdom of Cambodia
March 9,2012
6:340 PM

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